Demand WVDEP Follow Permit Procedure for WVR108876

Demand WVDEP Follow Permit Procedure for WVR108876!

Permit #WVR108876 is the Stormwater Construction Permit for the Rockwool Ranson Facility in Jefferson County, WV.

This permit is critically flawed: the site’s Limits of Disturbance (LOD) are over 100 acres, which should trigger a mandatory public comment period, per the requirements of the 2012 General Permit. Rockwool seeks to evade public review of its stormwater permit. WVDEP should not deny the public the opportunity to question Rockwool’s plans and contest the permit. By allowing a less stringent permit process, both WVDEP and Rockwool are violating the Clean Water Act.

Sign the Petition and demand that WVDEP follow proper permitting protocol!


8/13/2019 – RAD sends an alert letter to WVDEP and EPA regarding Stormwater Permit #WVR108876. Learn more about the specifics of this issue in our Letter to WVDEP for Permit #WVR108876.

8/14/2019 – RAD posts a condensed version of the letter for the public to send to key decision-makers.

8/15/2019- More than 60 people sign and send the letter in the first 24 hours!

8/18/2019 – RAD closes public letter campaign. Thank you to our 77 neighbors that signed and sent a letter!

8/19/2019 – No word yet from decision-makers DEP or EPA.

8/20/2019 – RAD re-engages with DEP and EPA in a follow-up letter and demands action.

8/21/2019 – DEP responds promising a “determination” on the permit within one week.

8/22/2019 – EPA Region 3 Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Division responds to RAD, relating that the EPA has contacted WVDEP and RAD should expect a formal reply from WVDEP. EPA also tells RAD, “We have been advised that EPA’s Permitting Branch will receive a copy of the draft permit and we will be available to consult with the state as appropriate.”

8/30/2019 – RAD requests an update on the status of the determination with WVDEP.

Stay tuned for details and RAD’s suggestions for public comments, the permit requires public review and we have a lot to say!

Rockwool WVDEP Stormwater Permit #WVR108876

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